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The data-driven comprehensive school counseling program at Frederick County Middle School will facilitate students' success in the three domains of academic, personal/social and career development. The counselor's role will be to facilitate a collaborative effort between home, school and community. The counseling program will be developmental in nature, while encompassing individual differences and abilities, with an ultimate goal of fostering responsible and productive citizens.

October Counselor's Corner

Having a GROWTH MINDSET - That's what we are learning about in 6th grade. We are "TRAINING OUR BRAIN!"

Here are a few tips on how to foster a GROWTH MINDSET at home:  
  1. Verbally praise your son or daughter on persistence and trying not just when they accomplish a task!  As adults, we often give praise and acknowledgement when a child achieves success but often forget about the act of trying.  Try to also acknowledge the hard work, learning from mistakes, and not giving up when a task became difficult..
  2. Be a GROWTH MINDSET role model.  All human beings tend to focus on how "bad" they are at something instead of celebrating our successes!  "I'm such a bad cook!" "I can't sing!" "I'm terrible at Math!" - we all say these things.  Try adding "YET" to a sentence that may be a bit negative such as "I can't cook....YET but I can learn!"
  3. Encourage your scholar to not take the easy way when it comes to learning!  Promote them to embrace challenges.  When it comes to learning, the "easy way" does not promote deeper understanding.  Motivate them to TRAIN THEIR BRAIN!
Embracing a GROWTH MINDSET isn't always easy but it can have a huge impact on your child's learning....and perhaps it may rub off on the adults too!

Career Cafe

Eighth graders have the opportunity to attend “FCMS Career Cafe” - a lunch and learn format where students eat lunch and hear from career speakers from a wide variety of fields. Please encourage your scholars to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn more about the variety of exciting careers they can explore!

Visit to Lord Fairfax Community College
Eighth grade scholars will visit Lord Fairfax Community College to get a little taste of college life. Students will explore a college campus, learn about programs offered by LFCC, get information on dual enrollment classes, and gain insight into the many certificate and technical career training programs that are available. This trip has become a Frederick County tradition and is a day that students really enjoy!

WOW - World of Work
Scholars in 7th grade will participate in the World of Work field trip on October 25 to Body Renew Fitness. Our scholars will have the opportunity to meet with local professionals and learn more about various careers through hands-on learning experiences. This is amazing opportunity that creates the opportunity for our students to learn more in-depth about various careers. 

October Is Bullying Prevention Month
In honor of Bullying Prevention Month we are showing our support for the "I'm Just Me Movement" where bullying is stressed less and diversity, inclusion and kindness is the focus. Scholars will participate in an assembly and hands-on workshop on October 13.

Meet the Counselors

Tonya Egas (6th Grade)
Luke Lauer (7th Grade)
Wendy Werner (8th Grade)

Upcoming Events

October 13 - Assembly program and hands-on workshop. We are excited to bring the founders of the "I'm Just Me Movement" along with DECCA students from Millbrook to meet with our scholars.


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