Tips for SOL Testing

Tips for SOL Testing
Posted on 04/30/2019
SOL Virginia Standards of Learning ProgramTips for parents regarding the SOLs:

1) Reassure your child that he or she does not have to answer all the questions correctly to pass. It is not expected that students answer every question correctly. There is always room for error. Knowing that they do not have to be perfect will help eliminate some of the stress that comes with testing.

2) Remind your child that the test is important. It sounds simple, but many parents fail to reiterate this. Most children will put forth their best effort when they know it is important to their parents.

3) Ensure that your child gets a decent night's sleep and a good breakfast before taking the test. These are essential to how your child performs. You want them to be at their best. Failing to get a good nights rest or good breakfast can cause them to lose focus quickly.

4) Get your child to school on time the day of the test. Give yourself extra time to get to school that morning. Getting them there late will not only throw off their routine, but it could also disrupt testing for other students.

5) Remind your child to listen carefully to the instructions from the teacher and to read the directions and each question carefully. Encourage them to read every passage and every question at least two times. Teach them to slow down and trust their instincts.

6) Encourage your child to stay focused on the test, even if other students finish early. It is human nature to want to speed up when others around you are already finished. The SOLs are untimed so they have as much time as they need to finish. Teach your child to start strong, stay focused in the middle, and finish just as strong as you started. Many students hijack their scores because they lose focus on the bottom third of the test.

7) Remind your scholar to "DO THE BEST & ROCK THE TEST"!
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